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Hosted By gameSniped - Home of our very own Limbofunk, his site contains a wealth of information on Nintendo Service Centers.


Pong Picture Page - A picture and info database dedicated to the early classic videogame consoles and odd pong systems.
The Video Game Console Library - Dedicated to providing detailed information, ratings, pictures and reviews of the old, new and obscure video gaming systems.
MMMonkey - Guides for modifying your games consoles. Run games at 50 or 60Hz, play Imports, get RGB output, make your own Gamebit.
Retro Gaming Cables - RGB Video cables for retro games consoles.


Glitch Gamer - Aims to be a comprehensiveï and documented source for game exploits, glitches, bugs, mistakes and other forms of errors.
Sealed Video Games - A blog about sealed videogames.
Play Truck Games - Great flash/HTML5 arcade, Pop-up free!
Cheats Codes - Video game cheats.

Custom & Reproductions

Wal R Us Games - Custom made items. Design and print boxes, manuals, posters, other inserts and more. Also offers pre made items for games which never saw a production box such as World Class Track Meet and Mario/Duck Hunt.


Video Game Obsession - Showcasing an amazing personal collection, but provides tons on info a well. Loads of scans and photos.
Ketsueki's Blog - Metroid FanBoy - A collection of games and swags, official and unofficial, from the Metroid series.


Sega Blog - Hardcore blog about anything and everything Sega.


Playstation Collecting - Online Playstation collecting community.


NES-Bit - UKs first site dedicated solely to recording everything released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Promo Items & Merchandise

Game Swag - Showcasing items are used by video game publishers and/or developers to help promote interest of their games.
Video Game Memorabilia Museum - The Video Game Memorabilia Museum is the source for information on the memorabilia and merchandise.

News & Reviews
Find The Best - Comparison site.


Akiba Games -The biggest retro/ rare Japanese games on-line shop ever.
Video Game Rescue - Five weekly blogs, each with a different theme regarding the gaming world. Each video explores topics such as a retro “Find of the Week” and numerous gaming “cheat codes.