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screenshot Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes GameSniped Review

So, did you guys guess the big surprise? I wondered if the Konami themed post would give it away. We’ve decided to do something a little different from our normal post. Keep in mind that the site thrives around you guys. So, if you like the idea, make sure you tell me in the comment […]

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fatal frame posters

The List of Survival Horror Games (Cont’d): My Favorite Scariest Games on the PC and Consoles

Hey, guys. Welcome back. As I mentioned last week, my list of my favorite survival horror games felt a bit skimpy to me. So this week, I’ve decided to flesh out the list to include general horror video games (be they adventure, survival, or action horror). Let’s check out my favorite scariest games on the […]

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Team Fortress T Shirt

The Comprehensive Collection of Valve Swag!

“Good work getting this far, future starter! That said, if you are simple-minded, old, or irradiated in such a way that the future should not start with you, please return to your primitive tribe and send back someone better qualified for testing.” We here at GameSniped absolutely love Valve Software games and Gabe Newell! That’s why […]

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Sega Dreamcast – Biohazard Code Veronica (NTSC-J) Resident Evil Special Edition

Resident Evil 6 Limited Edition XBOX 360 Contest Console

Seems like this LE console came from an XBOX Swagfest Twitter Contest. Love the graphics on this. No idea how many were made or how this is printed. Auction Here Other Resident Evil Items: Resident evil 5 Limited Edition Watch Capcom – #211/555 Resident evil Biohazard Hunk Figure Statue with Clock Capcom Resident evil Biohazard […]

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More NWC stuff

This auction, which ends soon at $80, contains: One Powerfest ad poster, one Guest Pass, one authentic ticket, and a T-shirt.* *T-shirt may have brown stains of unexplained origin. Nintendo World Championships 1990 Original Lot Other occurrances: Bioshock Infinite With Alternate Cover Signed by Ken Levine and other developers at Irrational Games Fight Stick Controller […]

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GEARS OF WAR 3 Press Kit Limited Collectors Edition Xbox 360 PressKit GOW3

Press Kits

In my mind, with the release of the Playstation 1 came the birth of the press kit. There isn’t a clear definition of what a press kit is, but most collectors agree that it should at least contain a (promo) copy of the game. These kits are sent to journalists and reviewers to present their […]

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XBOX Debug System

Custom Honda Civic Si Challenge Xbox 360 250GB System Limited Edition

According to the auction this was limited to five editions. Attendees can virtually race against Honda IndyCar driver Scott Dixon and try to beat his fastest time in a 2013 Honda Civic Si. The “2013 Civic Si Challenge” contest awards the fastest racer the opportunity to meet the Indianapolis 500® winner in-person and receive a […]

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Flintstones – Rescue of Dino and Hoppy prototype

Life Savers Gummy Limited Edition XBOX 360

There are less than 20 minutes on this left. Contest prize. Was going to bid, but just realized they won’t ship to my area and not enough time left to ask. Currently $262.00 and one hell of a deal.

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Limited Edition Xbox 360 Osiris Skateboard promo Shoes

Limited Edition XBOX 360 Osiris Skateboard Promo Shoes

Seller claims they are from a Facebook contest and were limited to 35 pairs. I can find no more details however. Auction Here

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Fable The Journey XBOX 360 Limited Edition Console

Fable The Journey XBOX 360 Limited Edition Console

Limited Edition console, factory printed by ColorWare. My understanding is that this was a one off. Auction Here Also: 300+ Game Atari 2600 Collection Sony DTP-H1500 A Development Tool for PSP Super Mario Bros. & Donkey Kong II (Game & Watch, 1983) SONY PlayStation Rockman Collection Special BOX GAMEBOY ADVANCE WORKING STORE DISPLAY Disney Infinity […]

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World of WarCraft Mists of Pandaria Promo Display Magnet

Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition Xbox 360 Brand New & Sealed

Been awhile since I mentioned this one. In September 2008, EA released a “Ultra Limited Edition” version of Dead Space. They only made 1,000 of these and quickly sold them out at $149 each. This box set includes the Dead Space videogame, Special Ultra Limited Edition packaging, Bonus content DVD, exclusive custom lithograph art illustrated […]

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