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Atari 2600 E.T. The Etra-Terrestrial

Build a Collection of Cheap Video Games for Atari 2600

We’ve all run into this at one point or another. You want to start collecting video games but the costs are too prohibitive. Before you know it, your money has run out. This is why it’s so important to properly plan your collecting goals. Too often, the posts on this site focus on rare (and expensive) […]

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Konami Gaming eBay Auctions

How is everyone doing? Is 2015 going well so far? We here at GameSniped have something new and exciting planned for the next update. I really hope you guys like it. It will definitely be different from the posts we’ve run in the past. For the time being, feel free to enjoy these Konami Gaming […]

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Vintage Tomy atomic pinball

Amazing Vintage Pinball Machines Finds from the Arcades of the Past

Tis the season…to blow money on some awesome throwback Pinball Machines from America’s past. I dug deep into the Bay for these finds today folks! This is a bit off the beaten path for GameSniped. But, I thought I’d try something new here. Hopefully, you enjoy browsing these Amazing Vintage Pinball Machines Finds!

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Nintendo Car Floor Mats

Video Game Wholesale Lots Strike Back! and other cool finds

2 posts in one week. I know I know. It’s unprecedented. But, I wanted to share some of these awesome finds with all of you guys. We’re back to video game lots this time around. I’m sure you remember our last post on video game lots. Well, I’m doing it again with this mini post […]

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Arathas Lich King Pin World of Warcraft

Check out the 2014 Blizzcon Gaming Merchandise and Other Goodies I Caught on eBay!

How’s everyone doing today. Did any of you attend Blizzcon this year? I heard it was pretty awesome and the turnout was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend this time. But, I definitely want to go next year. Fortunately, if you’re like me, we can live vicariously through others’ experiences! That’s why I went out […]

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fatal frame posters

The List of Survival Horror Games (Cont’d): My Favorite Scariest Games on the PC and Consoles

Hey, guys. Welcome back. As I mentioned last week, my list of my favorite survival horror games felt a bit skimpy to me. So this week, I’ve decided to flesh out the list to include general horror video games (be they adventure, survival, or action horror). Let’s check out my favorite scariest games on the […]

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Amnesia 2

The List of Survival Horror Games that Probably Best The Evil Within

Right off the bat, I don’t want to make this post some sort of cranky old guy rant about new video games vs. retro video games. I’m a gamer. Period. I love all sorts of video games on various different consoles (including the PC). I’m also not going to judge the new survival horror game […]

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Punch Out!

Retro Sports Video Game Collectors Items

So, how is everyone here liking Fifa 15? I heard that EA made some big changes with the Ignite engine in last year’s version. I also heard that Fifa 15’s version of Ignite is even better than last year, and the graphics look more realistic than ever. What’s even better is that EA finally brought […]

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Stadium Events NES

Filmmaker Uncovers the Atari Alamogordo Video Game Burial

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the rumors of Atari’s executive management and their decision to bury their unsold copies of E.T. for the Atari 2600. For those of you not familiar with this game, E.T. is widely considered the worst mistake in video game history. The game was so awful and had […]

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The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle

Most Rare Collectors Edition Video Games

Limited/Collector’s edition video games tend to be the holy grail for serious video game collectors. The more rare the collection, the better. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this system, developers and producers typically release a special edition box set to coincide with a video game’s regular release. These box sets include lavish […]

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Collection of Rare Sega Video Game Items

SEEGGGAA! GameSniped is back with more great listings of protypes, test carts, and entire video game kiosks! The crown jewel (imho) is the super rare, Sega Genesis review cart of Beyond Oasis that was used by video game journalists to review the game. Without further adieu, let’s check out this Collection of Rare Sega Video Game […]

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Get Buried Under Your Collection with These Video Game Lots

I’m sure you all remember the story of Michael Thomasson. Guinness World Records began counting the extensive video game collection he houses in his basement. Thomasson set the record for the largest collection of Unique video games at just under 12,000 DIFFERENT games. Michael’s collection of course, consists entirely of physical cartridges and disks. There […]

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