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Oh joy, look what’s back

…he said sarcastically. You may recall that a year ago, someone acquired one of the 26 Nintendo World Championships Gold carts and then — to the great wincing pain of every collector watching — dismantled it, then had the VGA laminate it in pieces. He claimed that framing it this way would keep it preserved […]

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Ninja Gaiden NES Prototype

Ninja Gaiden NES Prototype

Ninja Gaiden, first released in arcades in 1988, and later on NES in 1989 (North America), is known for its innovative use of cutscenes and notorious difficulty. Prototypes of NES games are commonly sold for high prices, and are also highly coveted by those who don’t want to own simply retail versions. Often times, a […]

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The Original Duck Hunt

Guess what? The NES version of Duck Hunt you’ve known your whole life was actually a remake. The first and original Duck Hunt game was released by Nintendo in 1977 and consisted of a projector device that flashed orange ducks on your wall. It also came with a light gun, which worked the same way […]

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Every Single Japanese GBA Cartridge

If you’re into the 16-bit Game Boy, speak Japanese, and carry $6000 in American currency, today your ship just came in. Or, rather, it’s been docked for a while. This auction has been up for at least four months. Every single game ever made for the Game Boy Advance (that’s 795 in all), straight from […]

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Xbox Halo Triple Pack Factory Sealed

NES Nintendo Panesian Prono Games – Hot Slots & Peek A Boo Poker

The joy of rare NES 8 Bit Porno games. In Hot Slot, you play (not surprisingly) Slots! Each slot machine is accompanied by a scantily-clad hostess, who appears at intervals when the player’s winnings surpass a certain threshold. Net a profit of $210, the game displays a full-screen cartoon image of the partially clothed hostess. […]

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The Ultimate Nintendo World Championships 1990 Package 4

The Ultimate Nintendo World Championships 1990 Package

Gamemaster Howard of Nintendo Power fame has another auction up for grabs! The Ultimate Nintendo World Championships 1990 Package Welcome! – my name is Howard Phillips, also known as the (Nintendo) “Gamemaster”.  NOTE: this not “just another NWC cart auction” ; ) BACKGROUND In 1990 Nintendo put on a major national event-based promotion named the […]

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Wii RVT-R Development System Rare Green Console

Massive NES Collection

Since the seller of this lot regularly sells games themselves, it’s a safe bet to assume this is one of those “let hope this drives traffic to my store” listings. Still, it is a very nice collection. It’s a complete NSTC set, with lots of PAL and Pirate carts to boot. Plus the display setup […]

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The Walking Dead TellTale Games Clementine Bloody Hat

NES Prototype Lot

Nice NES proto lot. Includes Rockin’ Kats, Kid Klown, Godzilla 2, Color a Dinosaur, Panic Restaurant, SCAT, Zombie Nation, Wacky Races. Auction Here Also: PS3 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves FORTUNE HUNTER Special Edition 1/200 Sega Saturn Black Console (NTSC) – Awesome starter Saturn lot. DARKHORN: Realm of The Warlords – AVALON HILL APPLE II / […]

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Xbox 360 Boxed Bioshock Cult of Rapture Faceplate

8 Eyes Nintendo NES Employee Only Call Center

I’m guessing these came from the official Nintendo Game Play Counsellor Binders. This auction is for the 8 Eyes maps as seen in the pictures. These maps came from a former Nintendo call center employee. They were used by Nintendo employees to help players who were stuck in the game. Very few of these maps […]

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Xbox 360 Forza 4 Press kit

Original Nintendo NES Controller Chair

2013 is shaping up to be a good year. Tons of rarities and oddities have popped up three weeks in and my watch list is swamped. Today we have one of the infamous Nintendo Controller Chairs. The seller claims that this is one of five working prototypes. That may or may not be true. There […]

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NES Nintendo Ghoul School Developer’s Design Notes

NES Nintendo Ghoul School Developer’s Design Notes, Source Code & More

This is truly a one of a kind auction. This unique lot includes all extant software and developers notes, original graphic files, source code, etc. The seller, also the designer of the game, will autograph any of the materials for the winning bidder if requested at no additional charge. (Google “bogleech ghoul school” to read […]

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NES Tengen Tetris Prototype – Licensed by Nintendo

NES Tengen Tetris Prototype

Originally listed on eBay and now on GameGavel. From the auction: This is the real deal, the extremely rare and once thought nonexistent prototypeof the Tengen Version of Tetris which states Licensed by Nintendo on the title screen. If you are a serious collector and capable of winning this auction,you already know why this cartridge […]

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