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The PS1 Dex Drive

The Playstation 1 Dex Drive, from Interact, gifted its owner the ability to download saves from anywhere on the Internet and transfer them to a PS1 memory card. The reverse was also possible — it let you back up saves to your PC’s hard drive, or post them online for others to play with. Originally […]

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Another Gigantic Thing

This thing is really gigantic, isn’t it? This near-complete NES collection is now being offered in its entirety for a five-figure price. Over 800 carts are in it, including every licensed NES game and nearly every unlicensed one. The only notable absence is the NWC cart in either form. These big auctions attract attention, but […]

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Xbox and Xbox 360 Sports Review Preview Development Disc Lot

72 PIN NES Nintendo Pirates

I’ve debated all week if I should bid on these or share. I finally talked myself out of trying to buy all these, so here you are. You’re welcome. Seller will combine shipping (I asked). There are lots of nice pirates here and currently are super cheap. UPDATE: ENDED AUCTION HERE More NES: 6 Hong […]

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Prototype Arcadia VI Unreleased NES Game VGA Proto

Arcadia VI was a game developed by Source the Software house for play on the Nintendo Entertainment system. The cartridge was to include 6 mini games including Tennis, a Racer, a Vertical Shooter, a Scrolling shooter similar to commando, as well as two other games that never started production. For unknown reasons, the game ceased […]

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VectorMan Ultra Saturn Concept Design Art

NES PAL Sealed Shipping Boxes & VGA Prototypes

Seller video_gamers has a few interesting things for NES collectors. With my love of shipping boxes, my favourites are this PAL Nintendo NES RAD RACER sealed factory shipping box and this PAL Nintendo NES CHESSMASTER sealed factory shipping box. Prices on the other stuff (PAL Exclusives) are a little high for my tastes. Also VGA Protos!   Also: […]

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One Great Mother SHUT YOUR MOUTH

“I’m just talkin’ ’bout EarthBound.” “OK, I can dig it.”

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Nintendo Famicom Disk Writer Official Repair Service Cart Cartridge

European Small Black Box NES Games

retrofan_nl has listed several Small Black Box NES titles. He has Pinball, Balloon Fight, Kung Fu, Gumshoe, Ice Climber, Donkey Kong 3, Super Mario Bros., Metroid and a lot of loose French titles. These were released at least in France, Germany, Benelux, UK, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia. See them all here. Also: Large Colecovision Lot […]

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Oh joy, look what’s back

…he said sarcastically. You may recall that a year ago, someone acquired one of the 26 Nintendo World Championships Gold carts and then — to the great wincing pain of every collector watching — dismantled it, then had the VGA laminate it in pieces. He claimed that framing it this way would keep it preserved […]

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Ninja Gaiden NES Prototype

Ninja Gaiden NES Prototype

Ninja Gaiden, first released in arcades in 1988, and later on NES in 1989 (North America), is known for its innovative use of cutscenes and notorious difficulty. Prototypes of NES games are commonly sold for high prices, and are also highly coveted by those who don’t want to own simply retail versions. Often times, a […]

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The Original Duck Hunt

Guess what? The NES version of Duck Hunt you’ve known your whole life was actually a remake. The first and original Duck Hunt game was released by Nintendo in 1977 and consisted of a projector device that flashed orange ducks on your wall. It also came with a light gun, which worked the same way […]

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Every Single Japanese GBA Cartridge

If you’re into the 16-bit Game Boy, speak Japanese, and carry $6000 in American currency, today your ship just came in. Or, rather, it’s been docked for a while. This auction has been up for at least four months. Every single game ever made for the Game Boy Advance (that’s 795 in all), straight from […]

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Xbox Halo Triple Pack Factory Sealed

NES Nintendo Panesian Prono Games – Hot Slots & Peek A Boo Poker

The joy of rare NES 8 Bit Porno games. In Hot Slot, you play (not surprisingly) Slots! Each slot machine is accompanied by a scantily-clad hostess, who appears at intervals when the player’s winnings surpass a certain threshold. Net a profit of $210, the game displays a full-screen cartoon image of the partially clothed hostess. […]

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