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Limited Edition Game Boy Systems

One seller has quite a few listed.  

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Sega Dreamcast – Biohazard Code Veronica (NTSC-J) Resident Evil Special Edition

Resident Evil 6 Limited Edition XBOX 360 Contest Console

Seems like this LE console came from an XBOX Swagfest Twitter Contest. Love the graphics on this. No idea how many were made or how this is printed. Auction Here Other Resident Evil Items: Resident evil 5 Limited Edition Watch Capcom – #211/555 Resident evil Biohazard Hunk Figure Statue with Clock Capcom Resident evil Biohazard […]

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GEARS OF WAR 3 Press Kit Limited Collectors Edition Xbox 360 PressKit GOW3

Press Kits

In my mind, with the release of the Playstation 1 came the birth of the press kit. There isn’t a clear definition of what a press kit is, but most collectors agree that it should at least contain a (promo) copy of the game. These kits are sent to journalists and reviewers to present their […]

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Wholesale Lot of 288 Nintendo Gamecube Game Cube Games

Special Edition Andrew Ryan Bioshock Statue & Vintage Atari Knife

These originally retailed for $100 and were limited to a run of 200. I actually thought about buying a couple last year when they were in stock. Judging by the bids on this one, I really dropped the ball there. Auction Here This Vintage Atari Pocketknife is pretty awesome too. Also: Earthbound Mach Pizza Complete […]

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Vintage Pac-Man ‘Score With Me’ Plush Toy by Knickerbocker

Bioshock Infinite Limited Edition Framed Boardwalk Lithograph

These concept pieces show the architectural palette and direction for an area in BioShock Infinite’s city of Columbia by artist Scott Duquette. These lithographs were strictly limited to 100 only. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity giving and is signed by Ken Levine! FLevine is a co-founder of Irrational Games (makers of Bioshock) and he […]

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XBOX Debug System

Custom Honda Civic Si Challenge Xbox 360 250GB System Limited Edition

According to the auction this was limited to five editions. Attendees can virtually race against Honda IndyCar driver Scott Dixon and try to beat his fastest time in a 2013 Honda Civic Si. The “2013 Civic Si Challenge” contest awards the fastest racer the opportunity to meet the Indianapolis 500® winner in-person and receive a […]

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Sonic Generations T-shirt

Autographed Mind In Revolt Book Bioshock Infinite Limited Edition

This book is #13 of an incredibly small edition of 15 autographed copies. It comes with a certificate from Irrational Games and is signed inside by authors Joe Fielder and Ken Levine, as well as artists Jorge Lacera and Zoe Brookes. There is no rarer artifact of Columbia than this. Authored by Irrational Games writer […]

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Game Boy Origional Nintendo TOYOTA Promo Commercial GameBoy Japan Exclusive Limited GBP Rare

Nintendo TOYOTA Game Boy Pocket Limited Edition

Limited Edition that seems to have been given away with a specific vehicle purchase in Japan. Auction Here While not for sale, there is also an original Toyota Gameboy.

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BioShock Real Audio Diary by 2K Games Marketing

BioShock Real Audio Diary by 2K Games Marketing

Suffice to say, this is insanely rare. Gonna quote heavily from the auction: THE RAREST BIOSHOCK ITEM EVER SOLD 1 Of 4!!!!! FORGET THE BOTTLES AND MASKS.. THIS IS THE ITEM TO GET. What is an Audio Diary? Audio Diaries are the main narrative device of the BioShock series. They were recorded by the citizens of Rapture, […]

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Sega Master System Lucky Dime Caper starring Donald Duck Limited Edition Box Set

Evil Magica De Spell has stolen the Lucky Dimes and has captured Huey, Dewey and Louie! Trek through six treacherous lands with Donald to save his nephews and retrieve the Lucky Dimes! Oh noes! This Limited Edition Boxed set is very awesome and rather rare as well. The Lucky Dime Caper set contains the Master […]

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Limited Editons & Rarities

Looks like a Greek seller is unloading quite a few rarities from his collection.

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Flintstones – Rescue of Dino and Hoppy prototype

Life Savers Gummy Limited Edition XBOX 360

There are less than 20 minutes on this left. Contest prize. Was going to bid, but just realized they won’t ship to my area and not enough time left to ask. Currently $262.00 and one hell of a deal.

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