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Nintendo D-Pad Teething Toy

Here’s a teething toy for your little ones. No, it’s not for your cat or dog, it’s for the other little one. Here’s what it says on the description: This teether is 12 cm long (5 inches long), 5cm wide (2inches wide) and 1/4 inch thick. This toy is chemical and toxin-free! It’s laser engraved […]

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Zelda Flash Drives

Seller zantaff on Etsy is selling these wonderful Zelda inspired 4gig flash drives. They come in all different sizes from 4gig to 32gigs with the 4gig being the cheapest one out of the bunch ($34.99). via Etsy

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ETSY Hunting for 9/5 – Etsa Pokebra..

Going into Etsy these days is like being in a craft show only that it’s like looking through a mirror – the same shit is repeated over and over and over again. The term “8-Bit”, “Mario”, “Nintendo” or even “Atari” on Etsy is a little overrated these days. That’s why I haven’t found anything interesting […]

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Etsy Thursdays: It’s expensive

Here’s some pretty expensive stuff I found on Etsy today. How things have changed over the past few months.. Sellers on Etsy have finally moved on from embroidery pieces (all like 20,000 of them) to customized themed cakes and other great works of art. Mario Inspired Latex Dress Etsy (seller is from Belgium) for $465 […]

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Chain Chomp Bean Bag

Bean bags were popular back in the late 90’s and still is today with college kids in their love nest dorms. You’re either stuck with just a solid color bean bag or a leather/pleather or vinyl. This Mega Chain Chomp bean bag is perfect if you really want to stand out. It is steeper than […]

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Etsy Hunting for 02/24/11

Well this is a long overdue.. Etsy is very time consuming. There’s just way too much stuff on there it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve decided today I’ll just post a few noteworthy ones.. Famicom Phone Case Made of Felt – $28 From the description: This case is made of 1mm cream and maroon colored felt […]

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Give someone a geeky valentines card

Valentines Day is just around the corner. A seller on Etsy have designed some really cool greeting cards filled with alot 8Bit characters to choose from. Whether you’re a Nintendo fanboy or a classic RPG fanatic or maybe have a soft spot for Blinky or Pinky, these cards will sure to get you laid on […]

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Etsy Hunting: Realism is Scary

While I was searching for stuff last night, I noticed some people selling video games on I guess you sell anything you want really. Anyways, here’s last night’s find. Super Mario World – Limited Edition Print | Price: $50 Description Let your friends and family know how awesome a short fat Italian plumber riding […]

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Etsy Thursdays is a great place to sell all your video game related arts and crafts. I thought it would be great to feature some of these great abominations creations. I still haven’t decided what day I should do it but I think Thursdays is fine for now. Or maybe i’ll do it every other week, […]

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8-bit Motif Wooden Cutting Boards

As video games become more and more popular, most of our classic favorites are being turned into household items one by one. From bricks, to door mats, even ice cube trays, who knows what they’ll do next? Today’s featured household product comes from through the seller l33tMOTIF. He’s created these amazing looking cutting boards […]

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Video Game Artwork On Etsy

Video Game Artwork On Etsy

After plastering, sanding, painting, electrical, moulding and flooring work, my new home office / game room is almost ready. I actually took some before and after shots, and will be posting them up some time along with a few tips for the renovating gamer who really has no idea what they’re doing (like me). Given […]

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nintendo zelda triforce rug

Zelda Triforce & NES Controller Rug

Like games? Have cold feet? Comine your love of both with a nifty Zelda or NES Controller Rug. Link(via ETSY)

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