European Small Black Box NES Games

retrofan_nl has listed several Small Black Box NES titles.

He has Pinball, Balloon Fight, Kung Fu, Gumshoe, Ice Climber, Donkey Kong 3, Super Mario Bros., Metroid and a lot of loose French titles. These were released at least in France, Germany, Benelux, UK, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia.

See them all here.


Large Colecovision Lot
BioHazard Deadly Silence Limited Pack (Nintendo DS)
16 Slot Master System Demo Unit With Time Disable Mod

Last Minute:

Trip world Complete with Manual + Box
Lucienne's Quest Panasonic 3DO - Considered to be the second most rare and expensive game on the 3DO.
Sony PlayStation EMPLOYEE ONLY Custom Bar Set
Nintendo Famicom Disk Writer Official Repair Service Cart Cartridge

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  1. Nice copy of Trip World.

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