Hi-Saturn – An Unusual Sega Saturn Variant

The Hi-Saturn, a Saturn variant that you don't see every day of the week, was created by Hitachi in order to try and market the Saturn as an all-in-one media center. It built in the Video Decoder Card that the normal Saturn required to play VCD standard MPEG video, and allowed for the piggyback-style connection of a (non-included) karaoke unit made by Hitachi themselves. There were even several varieties of Hi-Saturn, one of which was meant for your car - complete with a TV tuner and GPS antenna!

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2 Responses to “Hi-Saturn – An Unusual Sega Saturn Variant”

  1. Sorry, this is just the Hitachi version of a normal Saturn.

    You’re thinking of the Hi-Saturn Navi, which was in fact a different form factor and supported the accessories you mentioned.


    • Sorry if my post was confusing – I mentioned the Navi, but only in passing. To clarify, yes, this is just the normal Hi-Saturn with the karaoke set not included.

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