M.A.C.S Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator (SNES)

The M.A.C.S. were designed by the Military to train soldiers in bootcamp back when the Super Nintendo was in its heyday. The gun was essentially a real M16 (actually a J├Ąger AP 74 - a M16A2 clone), only stripped down and modified to work with a specially designed game cartridge. The gun itself┬ is far more accurate than the Super Scope and has an authentic weight and feel. It still has sights for aiming, and the light sensor is within the barrel.

Players/soldiers would have had to be about seven feet back from a 13 inch TV, simulating real life distance . As for the game itself, it consists of nine levels and aims to help a soldier with their postioning, aiming, and breathing skills.

The carts are generic American SNES carts, with a sticker giving the simulator title and version number. There are three differnt versions of the cartridges, and it's been suggested that there are roughly 600 of each produced.

  • MACS Multipurpose Arcade Simulator version 1.1e
  • MACS Moving Target Simulator
  • MACS Basic Rifle Marksmanship Program Version 1994.0

The program was developed by Sculptured Software and can't be played with a regulal controller, but one needs to be hooked into port two so you can access some parts of the program.

Given the military use, I can't imagine many of these made it out into the civilian world. We had a bunch of these hit the market a few years ago as one person got their hands on a several, but there's still only a handful that have popped up for sale.

The gun is currently up for auction and is just shy of $1000 with two days to go. The cartridge is currently up to $405.00.


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7 Responses to “M.A.C.S Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator (SNES)”

  1. Controller sold for just over a grand

  2. I used this M16 and game while in the service. Prior to this we used a version that was on the C64. I’ve never seen the C64 version for sale.


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