Ratchet & Clank Carbonox Maquette

Quick little post tonight while I clean out my watch list. Better posts tomorrow.

The titled Ratchet & Clank Carbonox Maquette is going for what I think is a pretty crazy price.

Up for auction is this ULTRA RARE Ratchet & Clank Carbonox Maquette. This particular one is carton #60 of 457. These maquettes were manufactured by a company called Gentle Giant Studios. These were never sold to the public or available for retail, they were given to the Insomniac developers of the R&C series. This maquette is in mint condition (see pictures) and was only taken out once about a year ago for picture purposes. Otherwise it has been inside it's original box and impact foam ever since. The special black carbonox box it comes in is also in mint condition.


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6 Responses to “Ratchet & Clank Carbonox Maquette”

  1. a very good price for those sealed shaq fu genesis games!

  2. SFC RPGs are basically the equivalent of SNES sports games. They have been re-released so many times, and had such a huge initial distribution that they hold little value.

  3. If that’s not actually Cal Ripken Jr’s signature, than it’s a darn good copy of it.

  4. VGA Graded Shaq-Fu?

  5. Holy Toledo, so glad I cleickd on this site first!

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