Very Nice DK Shoes

Donkey Kong Shoes

These pair were intended for the Mexican market however were never released here in the US. In brand new condition, never used or worn, in perfect shape

Other stuff:
Prototype or not?, but the seller is very legit
Dig Dug & Pac-Man Atari 5200 lab loaners

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7 Responses to “Very Nice DK Shoes”

  1. Considering those are Mario World shoes they must be very rare! 😛

  2. Michael P Dougherty II Reply 22. Nov, 2009 at 1:55 am

    They are Donkey Kong on the back…click the link

    • Hello Michael P Dougherty II:

      I would like to ask please… if you could please contact me at

      I have a question concerning another matter, and feel that you may be able to help me with a quick answer.

      If you get a chance, as I know that you must be very busy… could you please contact me if you get a chance?!

      Thank You

  3. I actually had a pair of those shoes. They were released in the US because I remember my mom buying them for me at a store similar to K-Mart

  4. Man oh man i would love to get these shoes!!

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