Final Fantasy VII Advent Children for NES

Do you remember this article taken from Cinnamonpirate?
It was reported all over the web. A "pirate" Final Fantasy VII for the most famous 8-bit.
Well, today it's time to see who is going to get┬ the "original", complete┬ game, straight from Kitsune Sniper's collection.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you China's most wanted boot!

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

final fantasy 7 vii nes famicom barrett

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4 Responses to “Final Fantasy VII Advent Children for NES”

  1. The auction’s been removed. I’m guessing because of policy violations DDD:

  2. Yep.

    Squeenix complained and had my auction pulled. They suck.

  3. Kitsune Sniper, if you ever decide to sell, let me know and you’ll be featured even outside eBay.


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