Nintendo NES Game System Holder

I know you NES collectors like to get your hand on just about anything that you don't see all the time. Well, here's a very nice condition, boxed accessory that I haven't seen too often.

I'm pretty sure I have a very similar thing (probably from the same company), except it's branded with an Atari logo and meant for the 2600.

nes nintendo game system holder

Only $6.50 with two days to go!

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5 Responses to “Nintendo NES Game System Holder”

  1. I used to have one of those when I was a kid!

  2. If anyone decides to get/collect something like this, make sure to confirm that they are sending it in a box. I have heard too many stories of people putting items like this (and boxed systems) in the mail w/o boxes and just slapping postage labels on the box itself.

  3. i collect this stuff ……….:O

  4. i want that thingy to organize my NES stuff :O

  5. I got one of those with Stadium Events too

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