Metroid Prime Trilogy: The Untouched By Human Hands Edition

Is it too late for April fools jokes? Maybe not..

The idea of having a pristine copy of a game is probably the best thing to a collector. In the years I've collected and sold video games and doing research on eBay, none had a more ridiculous claim than the listing in question in this post. But it is funny. Even more so is the price at $10,000. This is one of the reasons collectors just couldn't grasp the idea of VGA since most if not all the listings that mentions it is in fact a joke in itself. It would have been great if the seller starts calling it a "specimen".

I imagine this sellers goes around from store to store asking if the game he wants to buy is untouched by human hands. That or he probably uses one of these to grab the game in hopes that he could claim that it's untouched by human hands.


RIP Ultimate Warrior

RIP Ultimate Warrior

With facebook and 24 hour news access, it doesn't take long for word to get out regarding the passing of celebrities and other noteworthy figures nowadays, and it seems to take even less time for people to jump into auction to try and make money off of those deaths.  I can't rightly say I blame them, the window to list items pertaining to the recently deceased is small--an example is after the passing of Michael Jackson.  Shortly after, copies of Moonwalker for the Genesis shot up in price from $30-$40 to $150-$250 in a matter of days.  Will the price of Ultimate Warrior merchandise and memorabilia rise due to his sudden passing?  Who truly knows, but I'm sure the number of sellers clamoring to list anything Ultimate Warrior related will hope that is the case.


-Ultimate Warrior Gameboy Promotional Picture Signed

Nokia N-Gage Sega Rally (Australian Exclusive)

Nokia N-Gage Sega Rally (Australian Exclusive)

This us one of the rarest N-Gage releases, as it was unconfirmed to exist for some time.

Despite its name it is not a port of the original Sega Rally Championship nor is it the same game as Sega Rally Championship on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

Plans were made to bring it to the US but were scrapped at the last minute (the game had even received an ESRB rating).

Sega Rally on the N-Gage is extremely similar to Sega Rally 2, but is forced to make a number of sacrifices due to the weaker hardware of the system.

Looks like the prices are starting to spike on this one.

Auction Here

Chuck Yeager’s Fighter Combat Limited Edition 9/10 Nintendo NES Game

Up for auction is a limited edition copy of Chuck Yeager's Fighter Combat for the original Nintendo Entertainment System!  Included in the auction are:

- 1 Chuck Yeager's Fighter Combat Nintendo Entertainment System Game Cartridge with Special Artwork, hand numbered #9.
- 1 Flight Case that looks remarkably similar to a lunchbox, hand numbered  #9.  The Flight Case has stickers on both sides.
- 1 Standard Issue Barf Bag.
- 1 Confidential VHS tape that contains roughly 4 minutes of Unreleased footage of Chuck Yeager's Fighter Combat from an earlier build! This footage was originally purchased with the prototype and contains graphics not found in the final version.

Only 150 copies of Chuck Yeager's Fighter Combat were originally produced, and of those 150 only the first 10 were created in these limited edition flight cases.  Don't miss your chance on owning a limited release for the NES!

Auction Here

New Sega Releases From Super Fighter Team

Super Fighter Team just announced a new pre-order for two new Sega Genesis titles, Magic Girl and Cascade.

Thank you for your interest in Magic Girl! Magic Girl is a vertical shooter that puts you in the role of a young girl fighting to save her entire planet from certain doom. It is a harsh reality for Ling Ling, whose heart is filled with sorrow over the suffering of her people. But there is no time for tears, as she must rush to avenge the fallen. Only with your careful guidance will she be able to prevail over the enemy and restore her planet to a semblance of its former peace and prosperity. Magic Girl was developed by Gamtec in Taiwan. In addition to translating the game into English, we at Super Fighter Team have also fixed a few bugs that plagued the Chinese original.

Thank you for your interest in Cascade! Cascade is a dice-based puzzler set in outer space, where your skill will be judged by wacky aliens.

 This never before seen game will amuse you with its quirky aliens that welcome you with silly spoken lines such as, “Oh no, a human!” and “May the dice be with you.” It also features a competetive two player mode.

 Hey! It takes cunning and quick thinking to blast through each successive level of Cascade! Complete all seven levels and you will be welcomed to the planet Cascadia. But what awaits you there: Fame? Fortune? The game's production credits? Only one way to find out...

 Cascade was developed by Epyx, and initially slated for release only in Japan.

Price on each is $40 plus shipping and expected release date is 2015.

Retro Gaming Given a New Lease of Life!

When I was a youngster my friends and I would always be split into two camps, and even to this day with FIFA or Pro Evo we still are! You were either in the Mario or Sonic, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat and, the biggest of them all, Sega or Nintendo camps. Personally, I was in the Sonic, Mortal Kombat and Sega camps and was relentlessly teased by my peers, especially because of my Mortal Kombat preference, as their choices differed with mine.

However, Innex have created and are about to release something that would saved me many a hurtful comment about my sanity and choice of console as a child in the Super Retro. This new console has been created with the purpose of allowing retro gamers to play their Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive), NES and SNES games on one machine for the price of just $69.99.

On top of this, the company has released an optional Super Retro Adapter for $44.99 that allows you to play Game Boy Advance games on the Super Retro, the SNES and "any other third-party 16-bit console." as per a quote from Innex themselves.

The console comes with the usual cables and two controllers modelled on the SNES controllers, although you are able to plug and play with your original NES, SNES and Genesis controllers too.

While my mind was on the update to retro gaming with the release of the Super Retro my mind wandered to other things that have benefited from updates and amalgamations in recent times. The one thing that really sprang to mind in this instance is betting and gambling.

The era of the NES, SNES and Genesis saw people have to visit bookmakers and casinos to get their betting and gambling fixes while the advent of the internet and, even more recently, smartphones and tablets has opened this to a whole generation of people.

You can now bet on your phone at work, play poker on the bus and win massive life changing amounts of cash from the comfort of your own home. The one example I came across in my research was UK resident John O. who claimed a cash prize of almost six million pounds playing bingo games at Butlers Bingo after wagering 30p on the online slot game The Dark Knight. This is a record amount won in the UK in online slot games and would certainly not have been possible before slot games, poker, bingo, other casino games and sports betting moved to a new format of being online.

I know that many retro gamers prefer the authenticity of playing retro games on the original consoles, but those with little space and/or willing to try something new, like John O., then the Super Retro is a must have purchase.

I'll be certainly be heading out to purchase one before heading to eBay to bolster my games collection when the console is released this month.


Huge Sega Lot

This is my entire Sega collection I've amassed over the past years. It has been taken good care of and features half the entire library of all Mega Drive European releases(!), including true rarities, add-ons and much more - most of which are in excellent complete and mint condition! Great for anyone thinking of starting a serious Sega collection, or for those already collecting but missing that "boost" needed to get a complete collection. Only for true serious Sega fans, longing back to the Golden days of console gaming, back when 16 and 32 bit ruled the nineties. With retrogaming become more and more popular, the value of this massive collection will only keep rising as time goes by. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own one of the biggest Sega collections ever to show up in the public. You will not find anything like this on eBay anytime soon.

Auction Here


Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime Keychain

Super Mario N64 Camera Nintendo 64 RARE Collectible Vintage

Lot of 19 PS1 games,8 strategy guides, Tomba 1&2, Suikoden 1&2

Bioshock infinite Fink Manufacturing time clock

Rare Vintage 1996 Nintendo 64 SUPER MARIO Mario Mania Long Sleeve T-Shirt w/tags


2012 Hotwheels Nostalgia ATARI CENTIPEDE Cool One real riders RR

2012 Hotwheels Nostalgia ATARI BREAKOUT `49 FORD COE real riders RR

Vintage 1980 Bally Midway Giant Pac-Man Chair RARE 61165 Big Jumbo Pacman

Killer Instinct Iron on Rare Patch Xbox One SNES


1989 Applause Nintendo Super Mario Bros. World PVC Figure on a Koopa Troopa

Prototype Biohazard Promo Tube Collectable Map

The History of Online Poker

The History of Online Poker

Starting from its humble beginnings in the early 1990’s, online poker has gone from strength to strength, achieving its most significant breakthrough in the mid-2000’s and now enjoying tremendous popularity among online gamers.

This article looks back at the early stages of online poker -- the first websites that brought the game of poker into people’s homes on their computer monitors.

Some background

You could play free poker online as early as the latter years of the nineties and it was only natural that internet poker rooms offering games with real money would be the next step. In 1996 there were only 15 gambling websites, a number which shot up to 200 barely a year later.

Online poker was quick to establish itself on the scene as one of the most popular games among players. The impetus of the online gambling industry in a time where regulation still wasn’t strict, fuelled also by the enthusiasm of players, meant that poker websites soon became a hit among devoted poker players who were also computer users.

IRC Poker (late 1990s)

Image credit: PokerListings.com

To the untrained eye, the first ever games of online poker were more likely to be mistaken for a piece of software code rather than gambling. By way of example, IRC poker was a form of poker that was developed by Todd Mummert and Greg Reynolds to be played over the popular IRC chat protocol.

These early games were played with imaginary money, and to participate in a game you had to download a computer program that connected you to an IRC server. You could then play against other players by typing a series of commands that let you call, raise, check or fold.

Despite requiring more computer knowledge than the average user would need, IRC poker still attracted a sizeable and passionate following. Even real-life poker experts were joining in the online games and five-time World Series of Poker champion Chris Ferguson got his first break by honing his poker skills on IRC chat rooms.

IRC poker offered online players a variety of poker variants, such as Texas and Omaha hold‘em, and the system was flexible enough to allow user to create and run their own poker scripts with the IRC client itself. In fact, one of these scripts was called r00lbot -- a small computer program that could keep track of one’s winning record during play and also display funny quotes.

Planet Poker (1998)

Image credit: poker.wikia.com

Soon after the first online gambling licences became available in the mid-nineties to betting operators, the first-ever real-money online card room officially opened shop in January 1998 to offer poker enthusiasts worldwide the opportunity to earn real cash from their wins.

Planet Poker was founded by Randy Blumer, who in many respects was a pioneer exploring uncharted territory in the history of online gaming. The first Texas Hold’em games were held with betting limits between $3 to $6, and the website attracted a modest number of players at first. Hold’em, despite the growth of PLO, remains the most popular and well known online poker variant.

By Summer 1998, Planet Poker became a huge hit and credit card companies started allowing payments to be made by players to transfer money to and from their bankroll more easily. Back then, nearly all the players were depending on dial-up internet to play online and the website had to grapple with several problems due to poor connectivity.

The technical problems that Planet Poker was facing, coupled with a lack of sophisticated game features, cost the website its position as the predominant online poker outlet in the late 90’s. The same week that rival online poker room Paradise Poker was launched, Planet Poker suffered from several days of downtime which prompted users to switch over to its new competitor. Although the site still exists, it has retained operations as a free-to-play game only.

Paradise Poker (1999)

Image credit: Cruzino.com

When it opened in 1999, Paradise Poker cause quite a stir among the online poker community because of its smooth gameplay and impressive graphics. It delivered on the features that Planet Poker lacked, such as in-game animation, music, better chat options and even the ability to order virtual food and drink to your table.

The website offered players a wide variety of online poker games, includes 7 card stud, hold ‘em and 5 card draw. Some of the most unusual features on Paradise Poker was ‘Pineapple’ mode, where you could draw three cards at the beginning of the game instead of the usual two and later discard one of them, and ‘raise/fold hold’em’, where your only options at the table was to either raise the stakes or fold out of the game.

Although the website was very successful, this didn’t prevent it from falling in dark times due to changing gaming regulations in various countries and newer online poker platforms that offered a better gaming experience. You can still play online poker on Paradise Poker today, however the website is very different from what is used to look and feel like back in the early 2000s; something which prompted even veteran players, cheated of their nostalgia fix, to abandon the site.

Poker Room (1999)

Image credit: Lidholt.com

For nearly a decade, Poker Room was one of the internet’s premier online poker destinations. With its motto: ‘Meet them and beat them’, the website grew exponentially from its humble beginnings as a the brainchild of two Swedish poker players and a computer programmer to become one of the world’s biggest poker sites.

The distinguishing feature of Poker room was its innovative and superior software. Poker Room broke new ground in the online poker arena by being on the first sites to make available a Mac-compatible client, as well as Linux applications and later on mobile phone apps.

The website eventually was integrated within the PokerNetwork (later known as the Ongame Network) and this further boosted its reputation as one of the most recognisable poker sites on the internet. Unfortunately, after being passed along from owner to owner and running into several regulation difficulties, the website was shut down in 2009 by its final owner, bwin, a decision which came in the wake of big losses from Poker Rooms once massive player base.

Cards on the table

The meteoric rise of online poker in the mid-nineties foreshadowed the second wave of popularity that the game experienced in the mid-2000s. In both cases, the reasons behind the success were advances in technology that allowed people to connect more easily and quickly, as well as enjoying realistic games thanks to better graphics, sounds and controls.

The future of online poker is now brighter than ever; internet poker rooms account for the biggest share of revenue in the online gaming industry.

Game developers and betting companies are working together to create a more interactive and exciting online poker experience, one that is virtually unrecognizable from that driven by the software that existed during the early forays of online poker.

The progress of online poker seems to have no end in sight and with all the possibilities that mobile and 3D technology opens, online poker companies may still have several cards up their sleeve.